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IT IS 1979 – the dawning of a new, exciting decade. On the cusp of the eighties, the path of unlimited possibilities is laid at the feet of a young man by the name of Steven. Fresh into adulthood and poised to embark on a wild, new direction, he takes a bartending course in the throbbing metropolis of Montréal. In a politically charged region of Canada that is constantly on the verge of separating from the rest of the country, he sets a solid foundation for what will become a rich career in Hospitality. Upon entering this demanding but rewarding vocation, he thrives and excels—and, unbeknownst to him, will be catapulted to as-of-yet unimagined vistas. With the soul of a nomad and a heart of an adventurer, he mixed drinks, observes human behavior, and masters the subtle arts of taste and presentation.

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About the Author

Taking a bartending course when he was 20 years old Steven takes us through what it was like living from 1979 to 1996 out of a suitcase working from one beautiful location to another. From bartending in private clubs to becoming a waiter then working overseas on Switzerland, England, and finally as a Maitre'd on a cruise ship you will want to read the next chapter to see what happens next.

Now at 60 years old looking back things were not always so glamorous but as he says he would rather do all that stuff when he was young than do it now. Better to see the world and take some risks than play it safe and close to home he mentions.


Currently working on a follow up second book, Steven resides in Guelph Ontario with his wife and two boys. At 60 years of age he is now retired and a full time author expressing personal life changing experiences both in his debut memoir and the second one he will have ready in a few months. His background and expertise includes graduating with a diploma from the International Sommelier Guild and is available for hire at speaking events.

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